Bentley Bentayga 200.000 Euro Option

Bentley is known for making the best luxury cars out there.  Recently, they made one of the most luxurious SUV’s in the world, Called the Bentayga. With the release date in 2016 people started configuring their Bentayga. As we all know, expensive car brands also have expensive option lists but Bentley just reached the top with a 200.000 Euro option for a Breitling dashboard clock.  (You can also use the clock as a wrist watch just as in the Bugatti 16C Galibier, which is not for sale). The stock price of the Bentayga starts at around 300.000 Euros  and with an option of 200.000 it is not cheap at all. No matter how rich you are, you will think twice before you tick this option on your option list.